As security service providers seek to be more self-sustaining and security instructors search for current, modernized and effective training, this 4-day Use of Force Security Instructor certification course offers those needs. 

Upon successful completion of the course, instructors will be able to deliver a court-defensible curricula encompassing legal authorities, the use of force model, handcuffing, Subject Control DynamicsTM, defensive tactics and expandable baton.

The certification which is valid for two years is an intensive course and certification is not awarded on merely attendance and doing the bare minimum. Standards are set high as we look to develop affiliate instructors around Canada through our security instructor affiliate program. Additional benefits include discounts on purchasing training equipment from handcuffs to expandable batons to scenario training equipment. We'll talk more about the affiliate program in next month's newsletter.


COVID: Health and safety protocols will be implemented and adhered to by all participants.

Course Fee: $1050 + tx

Registration: To register, email us at We are only accepting email money transfer at this time to keep service fees at a bare minimum for all parties.

Date: September 17-20,2020 | 8am-4pm all days

Location: Tirsia Training Centre | Ottawa, ON

  • Free parking on site

  • Washroom on site

  • Microwave & fridge on site

Participants will require:

  • Duty belt; belt keepers

  • Handcuff pouch, chain-link handcuffs, handcuff key

  • Expandable baton holder, expandable baton (ASP, Monadnock or Bonowi)

  • Comfortable training clothes (t-shirt and 5.11's/BDU's/Cargos or similar)

  • Clean indoor shoes or wrestling/boxing shoes

  • Soft body armour (SBA) carrier is optional

  • Notepad and pen