James Leon owns Specialist Firearms Training (SFT), an independent 'Gunfighting' instruction company based in Ottawa. SFT is the only 'Gunfighter'-based company in Canada offering real world controlled aggressive offensive and defensive training on the gun-line. SFT is solely operated by James who consults on gunfighting tactics and principles and provides subject matter expertise in dynamic firearms training for law enforcement and military groups.

James' previous background includes operating in direct support as 1 of the 6 instructors  on the Canadian Special Forces Instructor cadre at Reticle under the leadership of former Special Forces JTF2 Commander, Steve Day. During his tenure at Reticle, James provided Tier 1 instruction to agencies from around the world in weapons, strategic driving and tactics.

James is currently the Chief Firearms Instructor on 'Gunfighter Clinics' at CFB Petawawa with the full support of active military service personnel from The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) and Canadian Special Operations.

James is a former UK Police Officer having served 15 years with exemplary service with the Kent Police / Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Counter Terrorism Command. He also served with the Parachute Regiment Reserve and was trained by the British Special Forces. 

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