Starting Wednesday April 15, 2020 I'll be instructing two online distance training  classes.

The goal is to maintain skills in defensive tactics in a solo training environment and the OBJECTIVE IS HONING THE FUNDAMENTALS while learning other attribute-building skills to your current knowledge base. We are striving for brilliance in the basics.

Every Wednesday | 1pm-2pm (EST)

Participants are lead through a Muay Thai  and Jiu-jitsu based solo training session that encompasses conditioning, functional and practical techniques that can be applied out in the field.

Every Saturday | 10am-11am (EST)

Participants are lead through short digestible excerpts from the Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association Tri-V Curriculum as we cover footwork, impact weapon and exposure to knife combatives and how it is court-defensible and applicable to enforcement work.

Past and future participants that take interest in the TRICOM program developed by Tuhon Jared Wihongi will find this programming beneficial as it prepares you to have an even better understanding of the TRICOM law enforcement / military modules.

Drop In Fee: $20 per class

Pre-Registration | Payment via Electronic Funds Transfer or Paypal:

Once you've registered, an email will be sent with the invitation link to the class. 


  • Rattan Stick (preferred) or Expandable Baton for Saturday classes

  • Notepad & pen

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