The Bonowi Camlock can be opened with a moderate swing from the wrist as well as by pulling on the tip. It is closed by pushing the sections together after pushing the release button on the back of the handle. The impact energy is absorbed by the rubber-cast handle and slide rings at the transitions between the individual sections.


The slide rings allow the baton to open and close quietly (no metallic grinding noises, no clattering) and prevents the 'bounce-back' effect.


The Vega H3 baton holder is an injected polymer material that swivels 360 degrees on an adjustable belt clip for various duty belts. The Vega H3 also features an inner "ridged" system allowing the Bonowi Camlock to extend upon deployment from the holder.

Bonowi Camlock

  • Before Bonowi Camlock batons are shipped, the seller will be requested to provide a clear and legible valid copy of their agency (law enforcement or security) identification along with either their badge number or security license number. This product will not be sold to individuals outside of these industry categories.