Pekiti (peh-kih-tee) Tirsia (ter-shuh) means "close-thirds" in the Ilongo dialect of the Philippines. In English, "Tirsia" may be translated as "close-quarters". Pekiti -Tirsia Kali is a style specific to the Filipino Martial Arts founded in 1897 and is the system of the Tortal Family with Grandmaster Leo T. Gaje Jr. being the sole heir and guardian of the system.


The Tirsia Training Centre is a fully-heated 16,700 sq.ft training facility for law enforcement, military and security groups specializing in close-quarter training. The facility is setup to accommodate to recruit officer programs, officer recertification courses and in-service training. Located approximately 15 minutes from the Ottawa International Airport, the Tirsia Training Centre features:

  • 1 Main Classroom / Boardroom

  • 3 Modular Classrooms

  • 1,152 sq.ft of puzzle matted floors for defensive tactics, Muay Thai

  • 1,152 sq.ft of Tatami matted floors for ground grappling, Jiu-jitsu

  • 18 ft. high ceilings

  • Modular scenario / shoothouse training area

  • Mezzanine overlooking the scenario training area

  • Static vehicle tactics indoors or outdoors

  • WiFi 

  • Ample free parking

  • Basic kitchen onsite (fridge / microwaves / eating area)

Law enforcement agencies, security services, healthcare services, military and government inspectors can book for day use or block their entire training calendar by the month or year.

The Tirsia Training Centre also offers a diverse team of law enforcement and military instructors specializing in the delivery of various subject matters from fundamental police / LE sciences, use of force, recruit officer-induction training, room-clearing , firearms clinics and defensive tactics at minimum.

The concept of the Tirsia Training Centre was to offer an exclusive and private training facility without the hassles of sharing rooms with college students, martial arts classes or other tenants.

Here is a list of what we have found to be essential businesses within a 3km driving distance:

  • Tim Horton's

  • Starbucks Coffee

  • Walmart

  • Multiple hotels

  • Enterprise Car Rental

  • Discount Car Rental

  • Staples

  • LCBO & Beer Store

Contact us if your organization / agency would like to book your training.

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