The Tirsia Training Centre is a purpose-built indoor training facility located in Ottawa, Canada. The facility boasts 16,700 sqft of space allowing for the broad scope of physical training in an exclusive teaching environment which may include:

  • Use of force training

  • Defensive tactics

  • Close-quarter battle (CQB)

  • Vehicle close-quarter battle (VCQB)

  • Scenario, tactical training and force on force training

  • High-risk extraction and vehicle extraction exercises


The main classroom is situated on the second floor capable of accommodating a class of 20. The classroom comes equipped with a wide screen TV, HDMI connections for PowerPoint presentation and a whiteboard. The presentation of the classroom can be setup in a number of configurations as required by the instructor. If a larger classroom environment is required, a modular classroom can be setup on the main floor.

DT Training

The facility has two defensive tactics matted training areas. Both sections are 1,152 sqft. each. Section A are jiu-jitsu style tatami mats suitable for techniques and takedowns and Section B are thick puzzle mats suitable for training with full kit on, boots. The matted training area can easily accommodate a class of 40 participants. The spacious ground floor can play host to training tactics in traffic stops, vehicle inspections, and checkpoints.


The modular CQB boasts over 6,500 sqft. designed for Simunition non-lethal FX marking and non-marking training ammunition that offers a multitude of rooms, corner and centre-fed situations. The configurations can quickly be changed with the CQB's folding walls, numerous doors or low-viz operations. Agencies have the ability to add additional sections, props and furniture to suit their training needs. The facility also has two large vehicle bays to integrate VCQB their into scenario training.



One of the primary roles of the Tirsia Training Centre is providing tailored use of force and tactical operations training to law enforcement, military and the security sector. Our instructor cadre are provincially-designated or federally-certified law enforcement instructors.


  • Complimentary parking

  • Microwave & fridge on site

  • Training equipment storage

  • Instructor Breakout Rooms

  • WiFi ($)

  • Overnight Security Patrol ($)

  • Monthly Equipment Storage ($)


The Tirsia Training Centre accepts reservations from federal law enforcement agencies, municipal police services, public safety enforcement units, security service providers and the military.

To learn more about the Tirsia Training Centre, coordinate a site visit or make a reservation, please contact us directly at info@pekititactics.ca

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