As an officer, paramedic or emergency first responder, have you been involved in an incident where you struggled to control or restrain a violent subject? Perhaps the 'fight' went down to the ground either incidentally or intentionally... how comfortable did you feel then with your kit on? Maybe your radio came off, or other gear became unfastened and here you are trying to defend yourself. That distress call for backup could not come any sooner.

Starting August 3rd, 2021 the Tirsia Training Centre is starting Jiu-Jitsu Police Tactics, a jiu-jitsu program developed for law enforcement officers and emergency first responders. The goal is to offer a program that is realistic to what an officer may encounter with a resistant subject in close quarters or a paramedic controlling a combative patient until police are able to assist. The program will be centralized around the fundamentals of ground survival, escape, resistance and evasion (S.E.R.E.) using less complicated controlled takedowns , restraining techniques and learning how to dominate a situation while taking duty gear and weapons of opportunity into consideration.

Now officers, emergency first responders and our military community can train in an environment with only officers, military personnel and vetted individuals. This offers a SAFE and SECURE environment knowing that you are not rolling around with general public and individuals who to say nicely, have had negative police contact. Officers will be able to attend before, during or after their shift and secured firearm storage will be available onsite for those coming in during their lunch breaks or downtime.




BJJ Instructors: Tony D'Ambrosio & TJ Atkinson

Membership Fee: $130 monthly (+ HST)

Register and e-Transfer Payment to: 

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays | 530pm-630pm 

Location: Tirsia Training Centre (near Bank & Heron) | Ottawa, ON

2477-C Kaladar Ave. 

Amenities: Complimentary and spacious parking, gender-neutral washrooms, shower

Participants Require the following:

  • Gi

  • No-Gi (Rashguard and MMA Shorts)


Whether it's your first time training in jiu-jitsu or you are a regular practitioner, all levels are welcome and encouraged.